LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Community leaders are speaking out after the killing of a seven-year-old girl in Little Rock Saturday morning.

Chloe Alexander of Pine Bluff was on her way to the Little Rock Zoo with her family when she was shot and killed near the intersection of Interstate 630 and Fair Park Boulevard. Police say this was an isolated incident involving two acquaintances engaged in a dispute, and Monday police named Kenjata Daniels Jr. as a murder suspect.

Also on Monday, community servants held a press conference on the homicide. People who had spoken with the family of Chloe Alexander came to share what the family wants right now which is for whoever killed Chloe to face justice.

“We come together today asking for the community’s help in solving the one who killed a precious, little seven-year-old baby,” began Arkansas Stop the Violence Founder and Reverend Benny Johnson at the start of the gathering.

Chloe Alexander was a dancer, a big sister, and a darling to her mother and grandmother. Monday, the reverend said Chloe’s family was at the funeral home and he shared Chloe’s grandmother’s words.

He said, “She emphasized that she wanted the perpetrator caught.”

Arkansas Stop the Violence brought together other nonprofits and leaders calling out whoever pulled the trigger.

“We pray that you don’t have rest at night. We pray that you don’t have peace at night. We just pray that you have trouble in your heart continuously, and if you know this person, you are just as guilty as they are,” stated Walter Crockan, Director of Arkansas Stop the Violence.

Others called for reform to the state’s gun laws. State Representative-elect for District 79 Tara Shepherd said reviewing background checks, red flag laws and the age limitation for guns would be a start.

Shepherd urged, “Thoughts and prayers is all good, but we need legislation, and we need policy to change.”

For Chloe’s sake, they stressed the violence needs to end so that no other child’s dancing is replaced with mourning.

“It’s just senseless what we’ve got going on here in Little Rock, and we’ve got to do better,” Reverend Johnson concluded.

Others who spoke to Chloe’s mother said she thanked everyone for the love and condolences sent her way. Again, what they really are asking for right now is justice, so if you have any information that can help in arresting who is responsible for Chloe’s death, call Little Rock Police at 501-371-4636.