LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Little Rock Police say a 12-year-old is now recovering after a shooting at the Legacy Pointe Apartments Friday night. 

Little Rock Police say they were called to the apartment complex in Little Rock around 10:15 p.m. Friday. 

LRPD says they were informed a 12-year-old had been taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound. 

“An innocent perfect angel and you’re going to harm that baby, that is disgusting,” said Heather Vogel who lives at the apartment complex. 

Vogel said the shooting happened just outside her window and it was a moment she will never forget. 

“I am petrified. I have been trembling all day long,” said Vogel. 

Vogel said when she first heard the gunshots, she thought it was someone shooting off fireworks, but quickly realized it was something much worse. 

“It started getting louder and louder,” said Vogel. “There were over two dozen gunshot rounds that were shot out.” 

Vogel said the scene outside her window was hectic.

“You could hear everyone say get down, get down,” said Vogel. 

Will Callaway lives in the neighborhood. He said he hadn’t heard about the shooting until Saturday afternoon but was upset to find out a child was injured. 

“No one deserves that,” said Callaway. “He’s just a 12-year-old, he should just be playing with his friends.”

Vogel said she hopes this serves as a wake-up call for many in Little Rock, to put down the guns and stop the violence. 

“If no one’s eyeballs get woken up this day, we got some serious problems,” said Vogel. 

LRPD said no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting. 

If anyone has any information, they are being asked to call the Little Rock Police Department.