GUY, Ark. – After 40 years of dedication on the basketball court, one former Guy-Perkins School District basketball coach will have his legacy remembered forever by having the court named after him Friday night.

John Hutchcraft spent 40 dedicating his basketball skills on the court at Guy Perkins, leaving a legacy etched in the court forever.

“Well it’s going to be exciting. Hopefully not overly emotional,” said Hutchcraft.

After coaching the men’s and women’s basketball teams at Guy Perkins for 40 years, Hutchcraft will have the court dedicated to him.

“It’s my first one yet, and my only one because I have been here for so long, but I really appreciate all the support of the 40 years that I had here. I raised my kids here and somebody said well how many kids you got, and I said probably 2,000,” stated Hutchinson.

Coach Hutchcraft won 11 state championships and had more than 20 appearances in the state finals.

“You know I still can remember the big games, of course my kids played for me and they all won state championships, so I remember that,” said Hutchcraft.

He began playing as a young boy.

“I started basketball in the 3rd or 4th grade, been playing all my life, and I played at the University of Central Arkansas,” said Hutchcraft.

He continues to shoot hoops today.

“I know it’s kind of hard to believe because I am almost 70 years old but I play on two teams now and have to years, Arkansas Travelers where we play in state, and USA global where we play other countries,” stated Hutchraft.

Hutchcraft said he doesn’t plan to stop playing anytime soon.

“It’s kind of humorous to say but I think I could probably, I can still run and jump, and I enjoy the game, I get excited before the game, I’m thinking maybe like 80,” said Hutchcraft.

He said having the basketball court dedicated to him, is something special.

“It’s going to be a combination of a lot of things, I am going to pretty happy about it. I remember the big games, and sometimes it gets to me,” stated Hutchcraft.