LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Corrections officials say a corporal in east Arkansas was arrested after attempting to smuggle contraband into a prison.

Officials with the Arkansas Department of Corrections said the corporal, whose identity has not been released yet, was arrested at the East Arkansas Regional Unit when she was detained after being caught with contraband in her lunch pail.

In a post on social media, the officials said a cellphone, phone charger and four ounces of marijuana was found in the lunch pail hidden under rice.

The corporal has not been officially charged yet, though DOC official said she will be.

“Her career is gone and her freedom might be over. There’s no way that picking up a little folding money is worth all she’s losing,” the post read. “Believe us when we say that it doesn’t matter one bit who you are…if you get caught smuggling, we’ll do all we can to put you in prison.”

The East Arkansas Regional Unit is an ADC prison in Lee County near Forrest City.