JOHNSON COUNTY, Ark. – Deputies in Johnson County say they made a huge drug bust during a traffic stop Tuesday but think the bigger crime was the suspects bringing Little Debbie into the mix.

According to the Johnson County Sheriff’s office, the driver of a vehicle ran away from the traffic stop after a deputy saw methamphetamine paraphernalia in plain view. Deputies also claimed a woman in the vehicle tried to hide a small bag of pills.

A K-9 unite was called to the scene, and deputies located the driver hiding in a wooded area nearby. The deputies determined the pair were both felons from Oklahoma, with the woman having

a felony warrant out of Oklahoma City for vehicle theft.

The suspect’s vehicle was searched, authorizes said, uncovering 100 grams of methamphetamine, almost 150 Xanax pills, half a pound of marijuana and a handgun with the serial numbers scratched off that investigators suspected to be stolen.

Deputies said most of the drugs were discovered in a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie box, something that did not set well with them.

“As cops, we can’t begin to tell you how much that upset us! Snack food is our life,” the department posted on Facebook. “If criminals start messing with Zebra Cakes too, we’re gonna take it personal!”

The man and woman were both arrested and are facing seven felony charges, along with multiple misdemeanors.

The deputies also jokingly requested anyone seeing their post to contact “state representatives to have them consider a bill which would make the abuse of any beloved snack food a felony too.”