GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. – A Garland County man and two of his associates are facing charges after deputies claimed he shot at a family member’s house on multiple occasions.

According to the Garland County Sheriff’s Office, Hayden Wilson, Maddison Mace and Trevor Delaporte were all arrested over the last 10 days, with the trio all facing class B felony terroristic act charges.

Deputies said they were called to a home in the 300 block of East Strawberry Road on April 22, where the homeowner told them he was sleeping when gunshots led him to wake up and see a bullet hole in his bedroom wall.

The man went on to tell deputies that his home had been shot at on other occasions, and the deputies went on to find many bullet holes in the home during their search.

Deputies said the man told them he had been recently threatened by Wilson, to whom the man was related. Investigators said security video from the homeowner and from a nearby business shows a vehicle matching the description of one Wilson drove.

Hot Springs police arrested Wilson and Mace on May 3 on an unrelated charge and took them to the Garland County Detention Center. While in custody, Mace was questioned by deputies who said she told them that she had been involved with Wilson and Delaporte in two shots fired incidents at the home.

Authorities said Delaporte was arrested during a traffic stop on May 6, while Wilson was arrested at his home on May 9. All three individuals are being held in the Garland County Detention Center. Wilson and Delaporte both have $75,000 bonds while Mace, who also faces two assault charges connected to another incident, faces combined bonds of $52,500.