NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Central Arkansas mother mourning the loss of her 18-year-old son, shot and killed in North Little Rock last month.

The family said their hearts are shattered, as they try to pick up the pieces after their devastating loss.

“I’m just lost like, I’m at a point now where I want to forget the funeral even happened, I’m still in disbelief,” Brayden Robinson’s brother, Tyler Kelley said.

Growing up, family members describe Brayden Robinson, otherwise known as Tank Rileyy, as a joyful kid, always singing and making jokes.

“He was a goofy dude growing up, everybody called him preacher man, he’s been singing since he was little, that was my little guy,” Kelley said.

Until Dec. 19 when their world was shattered.

“I feel like that whole morning was off, but I never thought it would be this off to where my son would be murdered, shot in the head,” Brayden Robinson’s mom, Brandie Mathew said.

The family recalls the hours before when they tried getting ahold of Tank Rileyy.

“Everybody’s calling, he’s not answering, he’s not answering, and when he don’t answer for me, and he don’t answer for him, there is some major stuff going on,” said Mathew.

Then his mom saw the news that there had been a double homicide in North Little Rock.

Her growing concern led her to call the North Little Rock Police Department.

“Within 15 minutes the detective called me back and he said is this Brandie Mathew that lives at this address? I said, it is. Is it my son? The detective said yes,” Mathew stated.

Brandie Mathew then called the rest of the family, confirming Tank was gone.

“She started screaming saying the police is on its way over here to see me, I said police, i said what are they coming for, she said tank, tanks gone, and it’s been a nightmare ever sense,” Brayden Robinson’s grandmother, Gloria Stenhouse said.

“It’s just a scream you don’t ever want to hear, it’s the type of scream that’ll never leave and I just dropped my phone … cried,” Kelley said.

“They say God, when you come you have a death day, everybody got a death day when they come, but they way that he went out, I can’t believe that,” Brayden Robinson’s cousin, Jarain Adams said.

The other victim that night, 19-year-old, Devon Hill.

Both were found shot in a car on 16th street.

So far there have been no arrests.

This is an on-going investigation, and if you have any information call NLRPD.