HARRISON, Ark. – Boone County prosecutors charged a former Harrison School District employee on Friday with 50 counts of first-degree felony sexual assault.

according to his LinkedIn page, 56-year-old Randell W. Mealer has been the band director for Harrison Schools since 2006.

Court documents show the victim was at student at Harrison schools when the assaults happened during the 2017-2018 school year.

Those documents continue to say that Mealer,“used his power and authority to engage in deviant sexual activity or sexual intercourse with the student on at least 50 occasions.”

The Harrison School District responded to the news with a statement read:

Harrison Schools places highest value on the safety of all students.  We were notified by the Harrison Police Department of their investigation and recent charges regarding Mr. Mealer.  The school district is cooperating fully with all agencies involved in the investigation.  Mr. Randall Mealer was employed in the Harrison School District from 2006-2020 as Director of Bands.