CONWAY, Ark. – Family and friends are mourning their loved one after they were shot and killed in Conway early Monday morning.

Kajala Lawson was the unfortunate victim of a shooting that happened early on Monday in Conway.

Those that knew her were grief-stricken, friends and family alike.

Lawson and Scarlet Redd-Sayer was one of those best friends.

“All of us don’t understand why her or why it even happened,” Redd-Sayer said.

“It just grew from something so simple from meeting each-other at your very first school in kindergarten and it just went from there,” Redd-Sayer reminisced.

They spent countless hours together at the skating rink.

“Every weekend or every other weekend, Saturdays, Fridays, we would always spend a lot of our time there,” Redd-Sayer explained.

Redd-Sayer remembered the last time her and Lawson spoke.

“I walked in and she just darted around the counter, but I didn’t know that would be the last time she hugged me and told me she loved me,” Redd-Sayer said.

Then, Redd-Sayer remembered what she did when she heard the awful news.

“I went to her brothers Koby’s page and he had made a post and I broke down because it took me by surprise because she had no issues with nobody, I just don’t understand and none of it adds up,” said Redd-Sayer.

As Police investigate, she hoped someone comes forward with information.

“I just feel like there is a hole there and there is no answers. Like, we all want justice for it. We all want answers, and there is no answers right now. Like I am mad because I know, we all know she did not deserve it,” Redd-Sayer said.

Thus, Redd-Sayer said she will hold on to the memories.

“I have so many pictures,” she said.

As well as the legacy Lawson leaves behind.

“Just her joking around or her laugh, her laugh was always… it was always contagious an no matter what matter what mood you were in her hug and her smile just made it all disappear,” Redd-Sayer said.

Redd-Sayer said she will not be able to do Thanksgiving this year because of the pain.

The investigation is still ongoing and the Conway Police Department urges anyone with information to call them immediately.