LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — As shootings continue to take the lives of Arkansas citizens young and old, one group is asking people to turn their guns in for gift cards.

This Saturday will be the second year the Mu Beta Sigma chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity has spent a day taking guns off the street. Last year, they turned 14 guns over to Little Rock Police, and Mu Beta Simga officer Curtis W. Woods said, this year, they are equipped to take as people bring them.

“Any guns that we get off of the street, can a save a life, and that’s what it’s all about,” Woods emphasized.

This weekend, he and Mu Beta Sigma are in the business of saving lives in Little Rock. Last weekend, the capital city lost two lives to gun violence, including a seven-year-old girl.

“We’re living in some very troubled times now. whenever a little girl travels to Little Rock saying she’s going to the zoo, hoping that she’s going to experience one of the best days of her life, but then her parents see her experience the worst day of her life. Then you know that it’s time to go to work,” Woods stated.

The event isn’t in response to violence but created to prevent further death. Woods’ fraternity chapter brought the event to Little Rock after seeing success in another state.

This year they will be collecting guns from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. Saturday at the St. Mark Baptist Church. Any operable firearm will be exchanged for a Visa gift card, but the greater reward he says is the lives that could be saved.

Woods urged, “We know without a shadow of a doubt that what we’re doing is so important, and we feel that this is a war that we must win.”

The Little Rock Police Department will have officers at the event to tag and secure weapons but remember there are no questions asked. LRPD reported nearly 750 illegal weapons were taken off the street in Little Rock in 2021.

“We don’t have the answer to the entire puzzle, we know that, but as long as we can be a part of the puzzle, and be a good part of the puzzle, an important part of the puzzle that means a whole lot,” Woods concluded.