HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – An organization doing good in Hot Springs has been met with burglars. 

The Our Promise Cancer Resources is currently building a house for cancer patients traveling to receive treatment.

Beginning about six months ago, the group was on track to have the project finished by July but after thousands of dollars in material was stolen, that date has been pushed back.

In the last week, the robbers broke into the home three times. 

“We were trying to figure out how they were getting in,” Britani Martin with Our Promise said. 

Our promise started about 13 years ago with helping cancer patients in 26 counties in Arkansas with gas cards to get back and forth to treatment. 

But the organization saw a bigger need and has been saving for the Our Promise House for 10 years. 

“We’re completely funded by donations. As a non-profit, we rely on it. We were counting on that money to go into this for patients to stay,” Martin said.

Martin said it’s frustrating to be so close to finishing and have a setback this late in the process.

“They’ve stolen a lot of the copper wiring out of the building. In all, we’re told by Zimmer Electrical that they have got between 17 and 20 thousand dollars worth of wiring,” Martin stated.

The organization estimates it’ll cost nearly $50 thousand dollars to replace what was stolen and the labor to repair.

Our Promise has now put up lights and cameras outside the home and received community help to stop the thieves.

“They’re doing drive Bys. The community, everyone, all hours of the day are helping us lookout,” Martin said.

This has led to a glance of optimism through a tough time, just like they hope to give the patients they serve.

“This may end up being some kind of blessing in disguise or a rainbow through the clouds,” Martin concluded.

Our Promise has filed a police report and is offering a$1,000 reward to help lead to the arrest and conviction. 

If you’d like to donate to the Our Promise Cancer Recourses, you can check out their Fundraiser page.