HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Hot Springs Police investigating a shooting Monday that happened just yards away from a community ballpark.

The shooting happened along the 100 block of Carson Street, which is just a few blocks from Central Ave.

“There is crime tape on the hill, there are detectives up there, policemen everywhere,” community member Michael Honey said.

On a street right next to the Majestic Ballpark in Hot Springs, shots rang out Monday afternoon.

“This is crazy, it’s totally crazy, it shouldn’t have happened,” Honey said. “The shooting happened in broad daylight, in the middle of daylight, anyone could’ve got shot, anyone could’ve gotten hurt,”

Michael Honey has lived in the community his whole life, and he said the crime has continued to climb.

“Way up on the crime rate, way, way up,” Honey stated.

When he heard the news of another shooting, it brought him to tears.

“When something like that happens it hurts a lot of people, not just the shooter, or the guy that got shot, but it hurts a lot of people, even though they may not stand up and say that it does, it hurts everyone,” said Honey.

The investigation is still ongoing, and police have still not released how many victims there were or what the injuries are.