HSPD: Accidental 911 Call by Criminal Leads Them To Him


HOT SPRINGS, Ark.– Hot Springs Police said a man admitted to stealing from ‘various’ stores and set up a drug buy after accidentally calling 911 Sunday night.

Police arrested three people because of the one call.

HSPD Corporal Joey Williams said, “It’s definitely one of the stranger things I’ve seen in 18 years as a law enforcement officer.”

We talked with people in Hot Springs about the story.

Mike Patterson was visiting downtown Hot Springs on Monday.

He said, “I think the guy’s an idiot.”

He wasn’t the only person with an opinion. 

Garret Curtis said, “Karma.”

As people reacted to the news, Robert Dark, Wendi Barfield and Oceanna Robinson sat in the Garland County jai. 

Curits said, “Around here it don’t blow my mind.”

“I guess I’m trying to digest and get my arms around the whole thing,” Patterson said.

911 is meant to help people.

On Sunday, it helped the people who help people also known as the cops. 

Cpl. Williams said, “Sometimes you just have to shake your head and say ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.'”

Williams told us Robert Dark accidently called 911 around 10 p.m. Sunday.  

“Dispatchers were listening on the 911 and overhears Robert not only bragging about numerous thefts he made at different businesses in Hot Springs but he was currently making a deal for meth,” Williams told us.  

HSPD uses a smart 911 system which helped pin point the phone near the intersection of Grand and Central. 

Williams said, “So we had a pretty good idea where he was at and earlier in the evening officers had dealt with Robert as a passenger in a vehicle. So, we kind of had an idea of what car he was going to be in.”

Police said officers located Dark, drugs and 2 women (1 with warrants) at the Exxon near that intersection. 

Patterson said, “I don’t think every crook is going to butt-dial somebody.”

It was a Hot Springs souvenir one tourist we met didn’t expect. 

Patterson said, “Yeah. This is a first. You bet I’ll take this back home with me.”

Williams said Dark’s reported admissions of stealing may help detectives solve several open theft cases. 

Hear the recording of the 911 call made by Robert Dark below. Warning: viewer discretion is advised. 

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