JACKSONVILLE, Ar. — A local store and Jacksonville Police are working together in hopes of finding three suspects involved in a burglary. 

This happened at Goodsell Truck Accessories on Municipal Drive.

The store owner said the store has been open since 1989 and before this latest incident there had only been three break in attempts and every time the alarm would scare people away. Things were different this time around.

“Backed up right here… right here to the front door, and came in, jimmied the door,” Owner, Mark Goodsell said.

Goodsell explains how the suspects did to break into his store Sunday.

“Went right to the office window,” Goodsell said. “Jimmied that door and then went in the office.”

The whole thing was caught on surveillance video too. 

“The alarm system went off, I got the call,” Goodsell said.

Now Jacksonville police are posting pictures asking for the public’s help to identify the people responsible. The police department is about a mile away from the store, they responded to the call but by the time they got there the suspects were gone.

 “These people are possibly bragging about the situation and bragging about getting away with whatever they were taking from the facility so if you hear something come forward,” Jacksonville Police Department public information officer, April Kiser said.

Goodsell said at least $3,000 with of stuff was stolen.

“You’re always frustrated and you feel violated,” Goodsell said.

Now he’s asking for anyone who may know something to come forward.

“We are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of these three individuals that broke into our business,” Goodsell said.

Goodsell said they are beefing up security, he said he feels like with an increase in prices and the holiday season there could be more break in attempts.

Anyone with information can call 501-982-3191 or 501-985-2802.