LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Over 50 homicides this year in Little Rock has led a man to continue his painful journey to end gun violence that started after his 3 sons were murdered.

“When you lose a loved one, it puts a hole in your heart,” Earl Williams whose three sons were killed in 2005, 2006 and 2013 said.

The number of heartbroken parents and loved ones continue to rise with killing after killing in the Capital City.

“I’m sad because I see all these other mothers that’s gone go through the same thing I went through,” Williams said.

9 years removed from the year Earl Williams lost his youngest son in 2013, tears continue to drop. 

“The pain don’t go away,” Williams said.

The pain he feels, this year alone 52 other families in Little Rock can describe it.

“Every day now we have somebody getting murdered,” Williams stated.

The youth that’s gone too soon is what hits home for Williams. Out of the 52 homicide victims this year, at least 22 didn’t make it to the age of 30, 12 victims were killed before 21 and 6 were teens.

“We have a civil war going on right before our eyes and the city of Little Rock doesn’t recognize that,” Williams said.

This heartache makes Williams outrageously angry that sparks a spirit of revenge, but he says he knows that isn’t the answer.

Just like gun violence is never the answer. A life taken equals 2 families with unshakable pain.

“They may not have lost as many, but it only takes one, it doesn’t take 3,” Williams said referring to the losses of his sons.

Williams said 2 of his sons have not received justice. That reality hurts, but thanks organizations like Parents of Murdered Children for helping him along the way.

Williams encourages any parents feeling the pain he feels to look into it.

You can reach out to the Central Arkansas Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children Facebook page or by phone at 501-351-7662.