LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Little Rock Police Department is investigating a Friday morning shooting that left one man dead. It is the twenty-fifth homicide in the city this year.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of a distribution center on East 28th Street just off Springer Boulevard.

Police have not identified the victim but according to a cousin he was shot and killed at his job. The cousin also said there is a gang war going on in Little Rock, but LRPD detectives believe it was an isolated incident.

George Carter walked by the scene of the crime hours after a life was taken. He has lived in Little Rock for many years, but recently he’s noticed crime climb.

“Three that I knew about right in this one area,” Carter stated. “You got one guy get shot. His buddy or brothers or somebody are going to retaliate.”

While gathering video for this report, one red truck still had the evidence markers from where it was shot three times before sunrise Friday. The driver did not want to go on camera but said the victim was like a brother to him.

With so many young people dying, Carter has a message for his city. He said, “Wake up. Every year the crime rate keeps going up.”

There have been 25 homicides in Little Rock a third of the way through the year. According to LRPD that is tracking just ahead of 2021,  the deadliest year in the city since 1993.

Carter wants more action from the bottom to the top to prevent it.

“Better police presence out here would stop a lot of it because if you see a cop anywhere, you’re not going to do anything,” Carter concluded.

Police have not released suspect information, and they ask anyone with information to call their tipline at 501-371-4636. You can remain anonymous.

While violent crime has trended upward in Little Rock, it’s also done so across the nation.