LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A UPS driver is in the hospital Wednesday after he was shot on the job in Little Rock.

“Just kind of puts you on edge now,” neighborhood Dustin Barnes said.

A scene the Royal Oaks Drive neighborhood said they hardly ever see; yellow tape and blue lights.

“This is a neighborhood I have lived in for almost five years and I’ve never had any complaints, never heard of anything like this happen,” Barnes said.

Police said Wednesday afternoon around 1 p.m. a UPS driver was shot in his truck around the 7500 block of Royal Oaks Drive.

Investigators said he was later taken to the hospital.

In an update provided just before 8:40 p.m., LRPD officials said the victim and the suspect knew each other.

“I was very shocked when I saw news crews out here,” Barnes stated.

Shell casings on the ground, and holes through the side of the UPS truck, Dustin Barnes said he heard about the incident when he was getting home from work Wednesday afternoon.

Barnes said he was surprised to hear about it happening in his neighborhood.

“It will make us uneasy for a little while, but I think we will get back to, or we hope that we kind of get back to the way things were before this,” Barnes said.

As things went back to normal, Dustin Barnes said he hopes everyone will continue to watch out for one another.

“We want to be vigilant neighbors. look out for one another, if we see something say something contact our neighbors, contact police if we see something out of the ordinary,” Barnes stated.

The investigation is still ongoing and if anyone has any information about this incident, give Little Rock police a call.