LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The city of Little Rock has now tallied its 31st homicide, a worrisome trend that has some neighbors wondering what comes next.

The violent crime happening across Little Rock is the main focus of city leaders, including LRPD and mayor Frank Scott, Jr. But when comparing current data to years prior, the numbers speak for themselves.

As of May 4, 2022, the city has seen 31 homicides. But by May first of last year, 2021, the city had 21 – and the year prior, 2020, only 15 by the same date.

But the year-to-date increase isn’t just for killings; compiled city data shows 65 battery in the first degree calls from January to May of this year, most of those coming from gunshot victims. Combined with the 75 terroristic act calls – which are mostly drive-by shootings, the city saw a total of 140 possible shootings in just four months. That’s just a few more than the 137 seen at this point last year.

The trend of violence has neighbors worried about the future, including long-time Little Rock resident Nick Upton.

“I see a lot more murders and homicides and robberies, you know, on the news,” Upton said while playing with his dog at a local park. “I hear about it all the time.” Upton added that he lives near University in midtown and hears gunshots “all the time”.

Last year, Little Rock saw a total of 65 homicides. The city is just about halfway to that point now only a few days into May.

According to Little Rock Police, not including the homicides tallied Wednesday morning, 84% of their 2022 homicide investigations ended with arrests.