LITTLE ROCK, Ar – On Sunday, three separate shootings happened in Little Rock injuring multiple people and killing two young adults. 

On Sunday morning one man was injured when he was shot while driving down Colonel Glenn Road. 

Later on at 9:25 pm, Little Rock Police Department Chief, Heath Helton says they received a call of a car shot at Asher Ave. and University, when officers arrived they found a non-injured child and a woman who was grazed by a bullet. 

“She felt a kind of burning sensation in her arm.” Helton goes on to say she “realized she had obviously been grazed by something.”

While on the scene of that shooting, police received another call nearby that seven people had been shot on Washington Street, two of whom were killed and five were left injured in this shooting.

“What we can clarify is there was some disagreement that took place that resulted in gunfire,” Helton said. 

Officers said that 20-year-old Malachi Carey died at the scene and 20-year-old Jailene Washington died at a local hospital. Out of the remaining five victims, police said that one is in serious condition.

Officials with the LRPD believe that the two shootings are unrelated. 

However, Brandon Mays, the manager of Kitchen Express which is in the area where the shooting took place, says there’s a common problem after these shootings. 

“There’s an issue that needs to be addressed in terms of the overall safety of the area and the people that live here,” Mays said. 

Mays says the restaurant has been in that area for 35 years and he has never seen anything like this. He goes on to say something needs and has to change. 

Mays says it would help to “reduce any time of gun violence and any violence.” Because to him, “it could be any of us at any given point and time” that could have been directly affected by the shootings. 

Information on a possible suspect or people involved has not been released. 

LRPD says they are talking with witnesses and have court orders to look at some of the surveillance videos from businesses in the area. 

Anyone with information about either incident is asked to contact homicide detectives at 501-371-4660.