LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Police are looking for the person responsible for a hit and run this weekend which has now become deadly.

It happened shortly after midnight Saturday morning on the 7900 block of Kanis Road. Police say a white car collided with a woman and then drove off. Police first reported the victim had life-threatening injuries. Sunday, authorities told our station the victim did not survive.

“It’s dangerous to walk on this street. Period”, admitted Ethan Harris, who lives next to where the hit and run happened.

Harris said he didn’t fully recognize what he heard just before 1 a.m. Saturday.

“I heard a thud, and then I heard a car just rev up and live really quickly,” Harris recalled.

He assumed what crossed the street was a deer until about a half-hour later, when he saw police lights outside his window and the sad truth in the street. A woman police say was struck by a white car which drove off leaving her to die.

Harris said toward the family of the victims, “My heart goes out to you. I’m really sorry. Honestly, on this street, it can happen to anybody.”

Kanis Road has a sidewalk leading up to the 7900 blocks, but before you reach it, the sidewalk ends. About 1,000 feet down the road, the sidewalk picks back up once again.

Harris sees people cross the street frequently. In fact, he and his neighbors do it once a day.

“Every time I check my mail, I have to wonder is this the day I’m going to get hit cause people don’t slow down for you, there are no sidewalks, and the post office refuses to move our mailboxes to this side of the street,” Harris lamented.

The dangerous conditions go both ways. Harris said he has dodged people at night walking in all black before while cresting the hills. He said it’s no excuse though for someone’s decision to leave a person to die alone on the street.

To whoever killed the woman, he urged, “Do the right thing. You did something that you need to take care of. You need to go handle your business, and you need to tell them what happened.”

The victim of the deadly hit and run has not been identified. If you have any information or video surveillance from the area, police encourage you to contact their investigators at 501-918-5105.