LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock police were called to a south Little Rock address late Monday morning after a man was beaten.

According to an incident report, police were called just after 11 a.m. Monday to a Geyer Springs Road location. The report continued that after arriving an officer met a young Conway man who told them he had been beaten and his car stolen.

Police said that the man told them he was at the address as he had been drinking and did not want to drive intoxicated, so he rested in his pickup, a 2010 Ford. While resting, four men attacked and began hitting him in his face and body, the report stated.

The men then threw him out of the pickup and drove off, the victim told police, according to the report. The report also stated that the man told police he did not need hospital care.

The man told police the car’s previous owner had installed a GPS and was going to see if it could be used to find the truck, police stated. Police also reported explaining to him how to get a copy of the incident report.