LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A shooting over the weekend left a Little Rock home riddled with bullet holes. 

The homeowner is 71-year-old Samuel Mitchell who said although he wasn’t physically injured it could have been a lot worse.

The Little Rock Police Department said around 8 a.m. on Sunday they received a call from Mitchell of a shooting along Bishop Street. According to an incident report, officers found 18 shell casings in the area and a witness told officers they saw someone shooting from outside a car window.

Mitchell said before the shooting he was watching TV in his garage when he heard the shots.

“As I fell to the ground I started hearing little ticks inside the garage and I was kind of nervous then because I’m like ‘Are bullets coming here? Oh my god,’” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said his garage was riddled with bullet holes.

“The total of all that I have seen are about 12,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said if he had been in the wrong spot while the shooting was happening something horrific could have happened.

“If I had been talking on the phone, by the height of the bullet, I would have been struck in the head by that bullet,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he will never forget the sound of the gunshots.

“It’s like a gun went pow then it was a (makes noise) then another pow and that’s what made me think it might have been two different weapons,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he has lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years and since then has seen the violence grow.

“It’s heartbreaking because nowadays we see it getting worse and worse,” Mitchell said.

Benny Johnson is the founder of Arkansas Stop the Violence he said more state action needs to be done when it comes to violence in the city.

“It’s out of control and we need to get a handle on it,” Johnson said.

Mitchell said after living so close to an important street for years, he hopes it’s message will be a solution.

“I live one block away from Martin Luther King Jr. (street),” Mitchell said. “My hope is the hope that he had, that we can all come together, that we can live together and as Benny Johnson says: stop the violence.”

Both men said something about the violence in the city needs to be done now sooner than later so no one gets hurt or worse.