LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A local Boy Scout troop is asking for the public’s help to find their stolen trailer. 

Catholic High School for Boys sponsored Troop 7705 realized Monday the massive white covered trailer was missing from the school’s parking lot. It was filled with thousands of dollars worth of camping equipment including canoes, kayaks, and tents.

“If you really needed it that bad then I guess you took it but you should be ashamed of yourself,” said troop leader Paul Griffiths, when asked about how he felt about the man who was seen in surveillance video.

The whole crime was caught on security cameras by the school and shared on its Facebook page. 

The footage shows a man in a Dodge truck hooking the trailer to his vehicle and driving off.

“We never thought it would have been gone. We never thought anyone would mess with it. It has been here for four years and no one has ever bothered with it or done anything to it,” added Griffiths.

The troop’s trailer is one of two that police have seen lifted by that same truck. The other trailer was taken from a West Little Rock restaurant parking lot. 

“Both of them, we believe by the same person driving a red Dodge truck. It looks like an extended cab. We have not been able to get a license plate number on the truck. We are hopeful that if someone has information they will come forward,” said Lieutenant Steven McClanahan with the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD).

He said often these thieves flip the trailers for quick cash. 

“They are easy to sell on eBay or any kind of social media like Craigslist. They are hard to get serial numbers for or VIN numbers,” added McClanahan.

Despite the setback with the trailer, Griffiths says his guys will push forward.

“They buck up and we go out there and fundraise and we are going to keep going,” he said.

If you have any information about the vehicle or the trailers seen in the video, you are urged to call the LRPD.