LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Officials with the Little Rock School District said a series of fights between students at Hall STEAM Magnet High School Thursday led to a temporary lockdown of the facility.

LRSD officials noted that school safety and security personnel as well as several units from the Little Rock Police Department had to respond to the scene to restore order.

The officers were able to stop the fights and disperse the crowds of gathered onlookers.

LRPD officials later said that several minor injuries were reported at the scene and the officers had individuals in custody.

School officials have since lifted the lockdown. They added that the students involved in the fights will be disciplined according to the guidelines outlined in the school handbook and the law.

Little Rock Police arrested 13 students, according to a tweet. One faces a felony charge for inciting a riot, while the others face disorderly conducts charges. One student was taken to a hospital with minor injuries, police said.