MAYFLOWER, Ark – Neighbors in Mayflower say they’re stunned after several of their cars were broken into overnight.

Mayflower Police say at least six cars were broken into and another stolen Monday night in the neighborhood surrounding Lucky Drive.

“The days of rummaging through a house are over,” said Mayflower PD Detective Taylor Decker. “They can hit car after car down the road.”

In a small Mayflower neighborhood, crime still lurks in the shadows.

“It was about 8:30 that morning is when everyone kind of realized that things had happened,” said one neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

The neighbor says she woke up Tuesday morning and headed out to her car, when she noticed something unusual.

“When I got in everything was laying in my seat,” said the neighbor.

She says she called her neighbor Taryn Clement who was living a nightmare of her own.

“I walked outside and I kind of stood there for a moment and looked to my left and looked to my right,” said Clement.

Clement says her car was stolen.

Clement is one of 6 other victims who say thieves rummaged through their cars Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Mayflower Police say the thieves took what they could, purses, credit cards and a gun.

“The time it took for them to go through all three neighborhoods and no one has seen them, how does that happen?” said Clement.

Out of the six cars, police say five were unlocked.

“Everyone’s idea is it hasn’t happened to me, so it probably won’t,” said Decker.

Police say this type of crime is becoming more common and neighbors are starting to take notice.

“I’ve lived in Mayflower for 31 years and this has never been as bad as it is now,” said Clement

Wednesday, Mayflower PD arrested Ce’Dedrick Harris who they believe played a role in the break-ins. Harris is facing the following charges: accomplice to felony theft or property, accomplish to felony breaking and entering, theft by receiving felon and fraudulent use of a debit/ credit card misdemeanor.

Mayflower Police say they are still searching for two other suspects.

In the meantime, police are asking neighbors to keep an eye out. They encourage neighbors to lock their cars and bring valuables inside.

“Don’t treat any place as safe or somewhere that you don’t think crime is going to happen cause it’s going to,” said Decker.