LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A homicide investigation is underway in Little Rock after a man’s body was found Thursday morning.

Officers said he died due to a gunshot wound. Neighbors in the area say they have become familiar with this type of violence, but they want that to change. 

Little Rock Police Department responded to a call around 8:30 a.m. of a man down. Officers arrived at the 3500 block of South Bryant in Little Rock and found a man face down on the sidewalk.

Officers said the man appeared to be a young adult and found no I.D. on the deceased, LRPD has turned the matter over to the coroner and expects the man’s identity to be resolved by Saturday.

For those living in the Little Rock neighborhood, they say seeing that type of violence is nothing new. But a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous out of fear for her safety says it needs to stop. 

“I wish you could snap your fingers and make it better, but you just can’t,” she said. 

She says she is horrified that seeing bodies has become her normal. 

“That should not be the norm, you wouldn’t think that would be the norm. ‘Oh, there’s another dead body in the neighborhood’,” she said.

Deandrea Williams came from across town to go to the gym in the area, she says she stopped near the crime scene after seeing the police presence.

“It makes me sad and I had to say it but this is Little Rock, it’s normal,” Williams said. 

The anonymous neighbor believes the violence is due to the surroundings. 

“It’s crime everywhere but it’s like you’re more amped to have it in the city because of the environment,” she said.  

Police do not know the motive for the shooting. Detectives continue to interview witnesses and are withholding some information from their investigation.

This is Little Rock’s 68th reported homicide in 2022. The city’s record year for homicides was 1993, when 70 took place.

If you know any information on this homicide investigation you are urged to call the Little Rock Police Department.