LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two teenagers are recovering in the hospital after both were shot during a violent night on Roosevelt Road.

An LRPD report shows officers were sent to the 1500 block of Roosevelt Road for a shots fired call just after 1 AM Sunday. There, they met up with a woman who says she was leaving a nearby party at 1403 Roosevelt when she realized her car had been shot up.

Moments later, officers were told that two 17-year-old boys had checked in at Children’s Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to their limbs and abdomen, and a car parked at the hospital was also covered in bullet holes. Neighbors believe the shooting of the teens also had to do with that massive party.

For those living off Roosevelt, it’s another violent act is a long history of hurt and pain – one that needs to stop.

Michael Sims’ sister owns the boutique right next to the party venue. He wasn’t there that night but could hear the gunshots and cars from his home in the area.

“We heard a bunch of gunshots and a bunch of cars taking off and screaming and hollering,” Sims remembers, “and the next thing I know, they say that someone has been shot.”

He adds the party drew a lot of people Saturday night, with parking lots all up and down Roosevelt filled with cars and streets having to be blocked off due to the number of people.

Sims says he’s used to the sound of bullets but doesn’t want to be. He explains he feels it’s time community members take a stand and help the city’s youth find a better path, so no more violence hits the area.

“We need to be more in these kids’ lives even if they don’t want us to be,” Sims said. “All that gunfire should have never been heard in this little area.”

With two 17-year-olds the latest victims, he’s ready to see some change and is calling on leaders and fellow neighbors to brainstorm ideas on what to do.

“We got a lot of kids and a lot of old people growing up around here man, and all these stray bullets and gunfire, it really needs to quit,” Sims said. “Let’s try to start doing something because these are our children out here.”

The teens were two victims of seven who were shot over the weekend, one of those victims has died.