SHERWOOD, Ark. – Neighbors and law enforcement provided new information Tuesday after a Sherwood man was shot and killed by Arkansas State Police after an hours-long stand-off that begin Monday night.

The stand-off ended early Tuesday morning after Eugene Reed, 69, was shot and killed at his home on Hollyridge Cove by police during an exchange of gunfire with troopers.

The standoff began when officers came to Reed’s house to serve an arrest warrant for impersonating an officer. Authorities said Reed refused to surrender himself then threatened to shoot the officers.

People on 16 different streets were evacuated Halloween night due to the standoff.

“Middle of the night it woke me up there was gunshots all night long,” said Tyson Dunn, who lives near Reed.

Dunn said he also heard loud commands to Reed from police over a speaker throughout the night.

“’Come out of the residence’… something to that effect,” Dunn said.

Alyssa Fawbush, whose home is next Reed’s house, said many neighbors kept their distance from Reed because he was known to keep many guns inside his home.

“He would target practice in the backyard,” Fawbush said. “I don’t think he meant anything bad by it.”

Fawbush noted this still created some concern for her family.

“Sometimes he would shoot at targets and what not, and there was one occasion where a bullet ricocheted into my sister’s bedroom,” Fawbush said.

After this, Fawbush said her family addressed the issue with Reed who apologized and quit shooting in his backyard.

Fawbush also said there was an underlying tension in the neighborhood because of Reed’s dogs, who have gotten loose before.

“There’s been certain situations where neighbors would go to talk to them about the situation, just out of concern and it was tense, so I think that tension is where this situation stirred from,” Fawbush said.

Fawbush said many people did not want to approach Reed over the dog concerns because they knew he owned so many guns.

However, when it comes to Reed and his family, Fawbush said while she did not necessarily feel safe around them, she also did not have a problem with them.

Police said Reed’s wife was also in the home with him at the time of the stand-off and shooting. She was taken from the house unharmed early Tuesday morning and is being questioned by investigators, though she is not facing any charges.

“I just hope his wife is okay,” Fawbush said. “She really is a sweet lady, and I can’t imagine how this is for her.”

According to Arkansas State Police, the seven officers who shot at Reed have been placed on paid administrative leave based on standard procedures. The situation is still being investigated.