LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility is adding to its reentry program.

The county was awarded a more than $1,000,000 grant to help inmates transition back into society. The funds will not only help fund the already existing reentry programs but expand them.

Currently, there are life skills, budgeting, addiction recovery and faith-based classes, to name a few. PCRDF reentry director Kathy McConnell said the grant allows the jail to be able to add some more components, including medically assisted treatment for opioid use disorder – not only in the jail but post-release.

“What we try to do is re-write their future so we stand beside them, now we’re not going to work harder than you do on your recovery, but we will work with you,” McConnell said.

They will also be able to provide housing once inmates get out of jail as well.

“So, if you have a step down in that control so that they’re assuming more and more responsibility along the way, then their chances of surviving in the real world are enhanced,” McConnell said.

The program also got another small grant through the Department of Workforce. It allows Pulaski Tech to come into the jail and teach a class with machinery. Inmates can get certified, which can lead to a better-paying job.

Volunteers are a major part of the reentry program. If you would like to volunteer, call the Pulaski County Jail and ask for reentry.