PERRYVILLE, Ark – Arkansas State Police confirmed that Jeremiah Story was the 21-year-old correctional officer that was shot and killed around 10:20 Wednesday night.

Investigators say he was shot and killed by 37-year-old Rodrick Lewis of North Little Rock during the process of being booked at the Perry County Jail.

Police say Lewis was being brought in on drug and paraphernalia charges. As Lewis was changing out of his civilian clothes, into his jail-issued uniform, he shot Story with a pistol inside of the bathroom.

Story was rushed to a hospital in Conway, where he later died from his injuries.

Local pastor, Allen Nelson, was called in to come minister to the deputies around midnight, just two hours after the shooting.

Nelson said when he arrived at the jail, deputies were in shock and heartbroken. “Even a few inmates were pretty upset, shocked. I mean it just rocked the whole area. This is just not something that happens in Perryville Arkansas,” said Nelson.

Police released that a witness at the shooting was able to get the gun away from Lewis, and Lewis is now being held at the Faulkner County Jail.

Meanwhile, those in the community are still trying to process the incident. “It’s just real sad to see a man’s life, so young, taken in that way, when he was just trying to do his job,” said Nelson.

Nelson also said, “this is a tough day and we rightly ought to be hurting with those, especially the family of this young man”.

A capital murder charge has been filed against Rodrick Lewis.