PULASKI COUNTY, Ar – May has been a violent month in Pulaski County as the number of homicides rose compared to this time last year. 

A group of moms from the organization Central Arkansas of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) say they’re hoping to put homicides to an end but need help from state and local leaders. 

Lekesia Smith is the mother of Shoncoven Smith who was shot and killed in January of 2014 in Little Rock. She says she joined the organization after the death of her son. 

“It helps me when I help another family (who is going through what I did),” Smith said.  

Yolanda Harrison also joined the group after the death of her son, Devan Sprawling who was shot and killed in November of 2018 in Little Rock. 

“That was the worst day of my life,” Harrison said. 

As the years have years have gone by they’ve met more parents at Pulaski Heights Baptist Church where they have monthly meetings as a chapter of POMC surrounded by pictures of their lost loved ones.

However, heartache has only continued to grow after learning the number of homicides in Pulaski County this May reached 11 which is more than last May, that was 7. 

Little Rock Police Department and North Little Rock Police Department investigated 4 each, while Arkansas State Police assisted with a double homicide in Little Rock, Jacksonville Police Department handled 1 homicide. 

“It hurts to see that every year that number gets bigger but nothing is being done about a lot of talk but little action,” Harrison said. 

One of the differences between this May and last was Little Rock made up the majority of the numbers last year but this May those numbers were scattered across the county. 

Harrison says she wants more done. 

“We need help from our politicians we need help from our local and state officials,” said Harrison. 

Smith believes there need to be stricter rules 

“More policies and better curfew and I know that can’t stop everything but you have kids on the street all night long,” said Smith. 

Smith also says more people need to step up if they see something so they can get a grip on the issue. 

“I’m very angry because I feel like our community needs to stick together, the police can only do so much,” said Smith

They also believe homicides are a state crisis and they’re praying it’s resolved soon.