HOT SPRING COUNTY, Ark. – Quorum court members meeting tonight in Hot Spring County to discuss what comes next after Sheriff Scott Finkbeiner was arrested by federal agents for obstruction of justice Thursday.

Finkbeiner has been out on bond since Friday and is still the sheriff in the county.

The Hot Spring County quorum court met Monday night to discuss the affidavit and terms of the sheriff’s release on bond.

The county judge said Finkbeiner is not allowed to drive a county car and must take a drug test weekly until further notice.

Also, the chief deputy, who is the acting sheriff while Finkbeiner is away, gave remarks on how the sheriff’s department will continue to provide the best service for the county.

The quorum court members went into an executive session after they discussed all the information, and a resolution was presented to ask the sheriff to resign from his role.

After the executive session, they came back and decided not to take any action at this time. Hot Spring County Justice of the Peace for District 8 Andrew Daily explained the court’s decision.

“We are trying to make sure that the citizens of Hot Spring County are being represented to the best of our ability and making sure we are not letting people get the short end of the stick and having to pay salaries that are for people that are not able to do their job,” Daily said. “But we also understand that you are innocent until proven guilty so we will just have to kind of see what happens next and we will make those decisions in due time.”

“When they came back with a neutral position, I think that was very wise of them and I also feel like it sends a message that this county isn’t going to be manipulated by certain ones to do things until it’s done correctly,” Malvern resident Tony Dunn said.

The sheriff did post a statement Monday evening in response to the charge.

“I want to start by saying please pray for my family and friends! This has been a nightmare for all of us. We are working on my legal defense, and I have been advised by legal counsel to not discuss my case until the appropriate time. However, I do want to emphatically say I DID NOT OBSTRUCT JUSTICE in any way!! In fact, it is the contrary. Thank you for the huge outpouring of support!! It’s my hope that you can all come to the trial and see the truth! I will discuss more at a later date”.