RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ark. – A man was arrested Monday after setting the home of a Randolph County Sheriff on fire in the early morning hours, which the sheriff said led to a chase across the county.

According to investigators, 40-year-old Bryan Rogers was discovered outside of Bell’s home throwing an object against the house that burst into flame.

Investigators say, Rogers, who was free on bond after a recent arrest on several felony charges, fled the scene as Bell put out the fire.

Sheriff’s deputies with both Randolph and Lawrence Counties discovered Rogers 10 minutes later driving west on U.S. Highway 62 and attempted to stop Rogers when they say he began firing a gun at deputies, who then returned fire.

Rogers was arrested just before 2 a.m. just west of Pocahontas where deputies used a precision intervention technique to stop his vehicle.

Investigators say Rogers, nor any of the deputies were injured during the pursuit.

Rogers is currently being held at the Lawrence County Jail while special agents with the Arkansas State Police investigate.