Residents speak out about Saturday shooting that injured four in Hot Springs


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — A Hot Springs family is speaking out Tuesday after a bullet went through their bedroom after a shooting that injured four people Saturday.

The family said it sounded like a war zone and now they are calling for some type of change because they said shootings are happening way too often near them.

“This is where the bullet entered, right here,” Kelvin Marshall, who was in the home when it was hit by gunfire, said.

Police said there was a shooting just down the street at the Indiandale Apartments on Saturday. A man shot during the incident was later identified as Patrick Franklin, who was taken into custody.

“I was thankful, because my parents,” Marshall said. “I could be sitting here today in another conversation and not having a mother and father.”

Marshall was emotional when he recounted the shooting.

“Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, it stopped,” Marshall said. “It went on for 30 seconds and then the next thing you know pop, pop, pop, pop again.”

Meanwhile, the homeowner, who didn’t want to be on camera, is still shaken up about the shooting.

“He grabbed me, my husband did, and we both fell to the floor and, of course, we laid there,” the woman said.

She said she’s been living in the area for 41 years and was there before a lot of the businesses moved in.

“This has never been this bad,” the homeowner said. “These shootings have been going on, I’m going to say on a regular basis, for about 10 years.”

She said it’s always been issues with the same apartment complex and that she reached out to them following the latest shooting. She said she didn’t get much information.

“I think it’s their responsibility just like the market stores across the street from me and all other businesses that have protection around the clock, 24-hour services — they should do likewise,” She said.

Meanwhile, her son is still counting the blessing that his parents are okay.

“My father was sitting right here, and my mother was sitting right here in the chair,” Marshall said. “So that’s a close call.”

Attempts to contact the management of the apartment complex were not returned.

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