Self-defense instructor gives tips on how to stay safe in an attack


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With a man accused of stabbing four people in Little Rock and killing three of them, it’s important to talk about how the public can stay safe while police search for the suspect.

A split second, that’s all it takes for someone to pull out a knife and attack. Even for a Living Defense Martial Arts Grand Master Instructor Danny Dring, it’s a situation he would never want to face.

“One of the scariest situations I can imagine is having somebody coming at me with a knife,” Dring said.

Dring has experience in MMA fighting, kickboxing and even training law enforcement officers. He says self-defense starts with keeping your head up and eyes open.

“Don’t have your head down in your cell phone where you don’t see people coming up on you. If I saw something that struck me as being peculiar or out of the ordinary, I would be looking for what’s in my environment that I could put between me and that other person or what could I pick up that could possibly aid me in self-defense,” Dring said.

He said this doesn’t always prevent an attack, so he showed some moves that can help people fight back. It starts with kicking below the knee.

“The reason I don’t want to kick high because I don’t want him to slice my thigh to where I couldn’t run away,” Dring said.

Next, use the back side of your hand to slap the attackers face.

 “You’ve got a one in four chance of using one of those fingers to hit him in the eye,” Dring said.

He said to do this all while protecting your neck, face and stomach. If the attacker does try and stab you, he said to try and catch their hand, twist it and step into the attacker, then kick their knee.

Overall, he said to keep fighting until you know you can get away.

“When I can see that I’ve done some damage, that’s when you’re going to want to get out,” Dring said.

Dring said things like mace or tasers are good to have, but always keep them in your hand otherwise you won’t be able to get to it fast enough. Another thing he said that’s beneficial to have is a walking stick or umbrella you can use to hit the attacker.

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