Sherwood Restaurant Burglarized Overnight, Damage Door


Caitlin Hicks scrolls through surveillance footage from early Monday morning. 

“Nothing ever really happens around here,” Hicks said. 

But that wasn’t the case hours earlier when two masked people broke into Joey’s Bar & Grill in Sherwood around 2:30 in the morning. 

“The glass was on the ground outside and there was just shards of glass and wood everywhere,” Hicks said. 

A call from her alarm system alerted her to the break in and when she arrived with Sherwood Police, another alarm upstairs in the North Hills golf facility started going off. 

“We’re standing outside at 3 o’clock and wondering if the people that were in here are still here somewhere and they just don’t know where they are,” she said. 

But from surveillance video at her restaurant, you can see two people break in and get out quickly after the alarm sounds.

“My TVs were still here, my iPads hooked up were still where they were supposed to be and my office door was still closed,” she said. 

Hicks believes they were looking for one thing.

“They just seemed like they wanted cash because they didn’t take anything. They went into my liquor closet and took nothing.”

She’s thankful nothing worse happened. 

“I got really lucky not much was done.”

Her shattered door is a temporary reminder  to keep her guard up. 

“It’ll be boarded up and looking oh so classy for a little bit!” 

Sherwood Police are investigating the burglary. If you have any information, contact police. 

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