SHERWOOD, Ark – Trailer owners in Sherwood are looking for answers after they say their trailers were stolen from a storage unit in town.

According to the victims, at least four trailers were stolen this month from the U-Storage off Highway 107 in Sherwood.

Clif Blasingame says he just found out Tuesday when he stopped by the unit to check on his camping trailer.

“I live just down the street,” Blasingame said. “When I looked, it wasn’t there.”

What was supposed to be a quick stop, turned into an hours-long trip for Blasingame who had called police and filed a report after finding his trailer had been stolen.

“I pay for security and it’s a little upsetting that I don’t have it,” Blasingame said.

Blasingame is one of at least four who have had their trailers stolen from the same storage unit in Sherwood in the last month.

Anna Mitchell says her camping trailer was stolen at the beginning of January, along with everything inside.

“[The trailer itself] was around $12,000 maybe $13,000,” Mitchell said. “We also had a tv, we had full dishes, a coffee maker, a crockpot, and a skillet.”

Mitchell says the thieves also took a blanket she made for her husband years ago.

Our station also spoke to Leonard Miller who says his cub scout’s trailer was stolen as well.

“We found out about it about a week after it happened,” Miller said.

Miller says his troop never received a call from the storage unit about the trailer being stolen. He says they found out when one of the troop’s leaders went to go pick it up and found it missing.

Now others who have had items stolen say they’re questioning if the storage unit is safe.  

“Four trailers were missing, and they didn’t think to look into it,” Mitchell said. “They’re not doing anything about it, they said sorry and that was about it.”

As far as insurance goes, Blasingame says they will be on their own.

“I was told the [storage unit] has none,” Blasingame said.

The three say their only hope now is that someone will see the photos of the missing items and return them.

“I know people are desperate and these are desperate times but when you are helping yourself, you’re hurting others,” said Blasingame.

According to Sherwood PD, the video taken by security cameras on-site is not good quality. Officers say they were able to identify three vehicles involved in the theft. A white Nissan Armada, Red Nissan Titan and a Gray Ford F150.

No license plate information was given.

If you have any information about the suspects or stolen trailers, you are asked to call Sherwood PD.

Our station has reached out to U-Storage for comment and has not heard back.