LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two separate shootings happened early Wednesday morning in Little Rock leaving three people injured, including a child.

The shootings come just days after a weekend of violence here in Little Rock, where the city saw 17 shootings total.

Right now, police say there is no one in custody for either shooting Wednesday morning and few details about the suspects.

All three victims, including a 5-year-old child, are out of the hospital now and in stable condition.

“It’s getting to a place now, you’re not even safe to go to the store,” said Walter Crockran, Director of Arkansas Stop the Violence.

This cry for help is a common theme among many who live in Little Rock, including Crockran.

“This is just out of control,” he said. “It’s wild.”
The first shooting Wednesday morning happened on Fillmore Street, according to a police report. A 23 -year-old pregnant woman was shot in the stomach and arm, along with her 5-year-old daughter who was also shot. The two were reportedly asleep on the couch when they were shot through the window.

“When you hear a child getting a shot, it’s really heartbreaking because an innocent child getting shot for no reason is very disturbing,” Crockran said.

The second shooting Wednesday morning happened on 65th Street in Little Rock about two hours after the first shooting on Fillmore Street.

“Something definitely needs to be done in Little Rock,” said one man named Jack who was at the apartment complex on 65th Street during the shooting.

Jack wishes to keep his last name disclosed for his own safety but said he heard about a dozen gunshots early Wednesday morning.

“I saw two vehicles pulling away,” he said. “One of them was a silver Ford sedan the other was a dark- I want to say maroon- SUV.”

Jack said this shooting did not catch him by surprise based on the recent events in Little Rock.

“It’s the city I choose to live in, I guess I got to put up with it,” Jack said.

Jack said he is a licensed gun owner and keeps a gun at home with him for safety.

“When I’m in my house, it’s with me and ready to go,” he said.

But Crockran said this is not what we should have to resort to. He is pushing for stricter gun laws in Arkansas, focusing more on mental health, and encouraging people to speak up when they see a crime or something that simply does not look right. He feels many people are staying silent about things that could help police get to the bottom of much of the crime in Little Rock.

“It could be your family next,” Crockran said. “It could be your child, it could be your mother or father next.”

Crockran said he has written a letter to Governor Asa Hutchinson asking for stricter gun laws and action to be taken from the state level to address all of this violence in Little Rock… but still has not heard back.