SHERWOOD, Ark. — Police asked homeowners to leave their Sherwood neighborhood this Halloween as authorities tried to arrest a person barricaded in his home. The incident unfolded on the 4000 block of Hollyridge Cove.

It was a busy Halloween, but there was not a costume in sight. The signs, the yards, and the houses all scream Halloween in this Sherwood and North Little Rock neighborhood, but the only people going door to door are officers. They aren’t asking for candy but for everyone to leave.

People on 16 streets were told to go to the police station for the time being if they have nowhere else to go.

“They just walked up, you see, and I asked where am I going to go? They recommended Kroger’s,” recalled Simon Johnson.

Johnson was looking forward to giving out candy with his oldest son while his youngest went out with his wife to collect candy.

Instead, his family, his in-laws closer to the scene, and many neighbors who had the same plan either turned around or like Johnson drove off.

Johnson said, “If I was a parent, I’m not going to let my kids come trick or treat in the neighborhood with a standoff.”

The Sherwood Police Department said its initial response started around 11:30 Monday morning when authorities tried to serve an arrest warrant. The suspect then barricaded himself in his home.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), North Little Rock Police, Sherwood Fire Department, and the State Police bomb squad and SWAT teams are working together with the goal of a peaceful outcome.

“They’ve had cops with machines walking up and down the grass, and they’ve been here all day. It’s crazy,” Johnson admitted.

Pulaski County Court records show arrest warrants issued Monday for Southwest Sherwood. Four felonies and one misdemeanor include charges for aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer, 1st-degree terroristic threatening, and criminal impersonation.

The suspect is a 69-years-old, so the criminal impersonation could not be a kid dressed up for the Halloween holiday.

Sherwood Police Department has been updating people on the standoff through its Facebook page. Public Information Officer Richard McNeil said the agency will not be making any comments until this situation is resolved.

Our station plans not to release the name listed with the court warrant until he is arrested.