LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Another violent weekend in the City of Little Rock – with three of the victims only teenagers.

Saturday evening, officers got a call just before 7:30 that 10 to 15 rounds had just been fired in Boyle Park.

When they arrived, witnesses told them people in a parked truck and a sedan started shooting at each other, hitting nearby vehicles and sending park-goers running. A 19-year-old victim was soon found with a gunshot wound, who police believe many have been involved.

This is not the first incident at Boyle Park, coming just over a year after a 10-year-old girl was shot and killed while caught in the crossfire on a Saturday afternoon.

For Ashley Deering, Boyle Park is a sort of escape into nature.  

“We love the scenery of the park, that it has such a great big lake,” Deering explained. “We’re actually coming out here to fish.”

But she only visits the Little Rock park during the daytime, sometimes she says between “9 and 3”.

“It’s not uncommon for me,” she said when asked about the sound of gunshots near the park, “but I wouldn’t be coming to a park at 7:00 at night.”

Deering says one issue is how dark the park gets once the sun goes down and recommends adding more lighting could help deter the violence.