LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As lumber and copper prices increase, construction sites have become a target for thieves looking to make some cash.

In one South Little Rock neighborhood several job sites have been hit, some more than once.

Almost every time home builder Matt Foster walks into the house he’s building in South Little Rock he notices copper lines are cut or lumber has gone missing

“We had somebody go through the house they stole a lot of plumbing fixtures and small copper fittings and then the next night we had lots of wires stolen,” Foster said.

That’s two times in one week thieves have targeted that site. Overall, it’s been more.

“That we know of five times now,” Foster said.

Copper wiring is the latest hot commodity.

“They just cut a couple feet of this off. Maybe each one of these that they cut may be $5 worth of copper but many thousands of dollars’ worth of wiring will have to be replaced,” Foster said.

It’s putting him behind in construction and over budget.

“It’s very defeating especially since we’re already in such a pinch with material prices,” Foster said.

As he turns to buying a storage unit and installing a security system, he hopes it will stop the thieves so he can get back to work.

“They’ve added a lot of hardship to the builders and the homeowners,” Foster said.

Foster said the security system will be in place next week. It will notify him and Little Rock Police if someone breaks into the house.