EDGEWATER, Colo. (KDVR) – A Colorado business owner had his company truck stolen and used as a crack house on wheels.

The truck has since been found, impounded and returned by Denver Police.

It all started when Sam Whetsel and his wife Angela left their Edgewater home to take a vacation. The two were headed to San Diego to visit Whetsel’s sister and “hang out for a couple of days” because Whetsel and his sibling hadn’t seen each other in a while, he said.

The couple also took Angela’s car to San Diego, leaving the truck he uses for his company — which is called Smokus Focus, and has the business’s name printed all over it — at home.

“Smokus Focus is pretty much the best possible way for people to view and store their cannabis at home,” Whetsel explained of his business.

When the two returned home, they parked behind Whetsel’s work truck and went to bed. They left the keys to the truck in Angela’s car.

“I think we were just tired from being on vacation, we carried our luggage in and we said we would get the rest tomorrow,” Whetsel said.

That night, Whetsel’s 2017 Chevy Colorado truck was stolen.

“I was in disbelief to be honest with you, I didn’t know. I was like, ‘Did I leave my truck here last night?'” he said.

Whetsel assumed his truck was gone for good until Edgewater police gave him a call. 

“They advised the truck had been recovered and it was down at the impound lot,” Whetsel said. “They found it down near the football stadium.”

The car bandit, or bandits, apparently used Whetsel’s Smokus Focus Chevy as a crack house on wheels.

“(It) had been completely trashed, there was garbage on the inside. Someone had built a little shelter with a tarp over it,” Whetsel said. 

“They even left a pipe in the cab, with a little crack cocaine still in it,” Whetsel said.

“And a lot of fast-food containers,” he added.