QUITMAN, AR – Detectives say a woman has confessed to shooting her boyfriend in a bathtub Monday near Quitman.

According to reports, Jamie Lynn Leach was arrested after police say she confessed to the murder of 24-year-old Cody Hugmichael Bradley. Bradley was found dead in his bathtub on August 20.

Leach was found Monday morning in a field behind a Greenbrier elementary school with minor scratches. Detectives described her as uncooperative with the investigation on Monday.

Leach has been charged with first degree murder.
Faulkner County deputies keeping close watch today over this duplex off Highway 25 between Quitman and Guy.

Inside apartment “A”, a man described in his early 20’s found shot to death in the bathtub. His father discovered the body after receiving what detectives call a “strange” text message from his son’s girlfriend.

The investigation led detectives to Eastside Elementary in Greenbrier where they found the girlfriend of the murder victim well behind the campus with only minor scratches. She was taken in for questioning.

Shannon Bickham received an alert on cell phone of an incident at her daughter’s school. She says the district promptly let her know everything was okay on campus.

“The superintendent had called me and told me there was no reason for any parent to worry,” Bickham says. “It definitely scares me because we’re so close to Quitman here. I feel for the family that has had to go through that.”

Detectives interviewing not only the victim’s girlfriend, but another man detectives say the girlfriend knows on Monday evening.

Major Andy Shock says he believes the incident could end up being domestic related.

“If there was anything that we felt like would make the public in any kind of danger we would be the first ones to run to you guys and broadcast it out, but the public is not in any kind of danger,”

Detectives say they do not know how the girlfriend of the victim got from the murder scene in Quitman to a field behind the elementary school in Greenbrier, approximately 15 miles away.