Violent Crimes Reported in Midtown Area of Little Rock


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There’s a hustle and bustle that never really stops near Markham and University in the Midtown area of Little Rock.

“There’s a lot of shopping and food,” TJ Roberts says.

Roberts and his four-legged friend take a stroll outside for a little relief.

They’ve lived here about a week, and in a way, crime in the capital city has already shown up on their doorstep.

Roberts lives in a complex next to the LA Fitness gym on University.

It was in that gym, a man told police Friday he was attacked while getting a drink of water after a basketball game.

“During that game, there was some type of altercation between some gentlemen…which led to an assault later on,” Officer Eric Barnes with LRPD says.

The attack sent the victim to the intensive care unit. The police report states he had a broken cheek bone and bleeding in his brain.

Also on Friday, just a few yards up the road, officers showed up to a shooting at the parking deck of Park Plaza mall.

A police report states detectives found a car window shot out and a trail of blood, but no victim anywhere.

A set of extra eyes appeared to be in Park Plaza’s parking lot on Monday in the form of an LRPD mobile surveillance unit.

Some in the area remain on edge, but Roberts thinks it’s not too much to bark about.

“Sometimes things just happen, I guess,” Roberts says. “It doesn’t really change my opinion of the area.”

Little Rock police have not named any suspects in either of the two cases.

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