LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A violent weekend in the Capital City leaves many wondering when it will all end.

“It seems like every day or every other day were seeing another homicide,” said Central Arkansas resident Melinda Crowder.

Monday yellow tape still hung in front of a John Barrow restaurant, leftover from a weekend homicide investigation.

Many say its stands as a painful reminder of another life lost.

“That’s another momma that’s hurting, that’s another daddy that’s hurting,” said Crowder. “That’s another person that lost their live to something that didn’t need to happen.”

This weekend, LRPD worked two separate homicide investigations in the city, marking number 58 and 59th for the year.

“You just killing each other for nothing,” said Little Rock resident Jacobie Hampton.

Hampton, who is just 20 years old, says he can’t remember a time when crime wasn’t impacting neighborhoods.

“Growing up in Little Rock you’ll see a lot that you should have not ever seen, it just traumatizes you,” said Hampton.

Two more families are now without a loved one at the table.

Melinda Crowder knows all too well what that’s like.

“When you have a child die, you just feel like you’re going crazy,” said Crowder.

Crowder’s daughter Casey was murdered in 2006. Ever since, Crowder has dedicated her life to helping others who are facing the same struggle.

“The authorities have to find some way, somehow, to [stop this violence],” said Crowder.

She says her fear is Little Rock will surpass its deadliest year which was in 1993 with 70 homicides.

She says she holds out hope though, that things will get better in the future.

“We would just love to see people treat people the way they want to be treated,” said Crowder.

A golden rule others say they feel will be lost, in another violent weekend.

“In Little Rock? You want me to be honest on that one? Nothing. There ain’t nothing else Little Rock can do,” said Hampton.

In 2021, Little Rock police reported 65 homicides, just six more than the current total for 2022 with more than three months left in the year.