Table by table and dish by dish, Flora Lunsford covers every corner of Shannon’s Diner in Pine Bluff.

The waitress says she’s surrounded by good people and good food, but a recent encounter with one customer turned sour.

Police say on Tuesday, 21-year-old Shamon West handed Lunsford a credit card to pay for his breakfast.

After glancing at the card, Lunsford realized it was her own credit card, which she reported stolen two days prior.

“So I kind of asked him, where’s the rest of my stuff?” Lunsford says.

“He wouldn’t tell me.”

Officers say it was Sunday when another man was seen on camera swiping Lunsford’s purse from her car at this gas station just feet away from the diner.

When West was searched by police at the diner, they also found Lunsford’s driver’s license, which included a photo of her on it.

“Kinda hilarious, that part is real funny,’ Lunsford says.

“Never dawned on him.”

A sloppy Joe crime with a dessert-like ending.

“I know he’s in jail,” Lunsford says.

“I’m happy with that right now.”

West is facing charges for forgery and theft by receiving, according to Pine Bluff police.