West Little Rock business hit by crime four times since opening under two years ago


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A business in central Arkansas was ransacked overnight not for the first time, but for the fourth, according to police.

Little Rock police say the suspect or suspects threw rocks through the window at Clean Eatery, located off Bowman Road, Friday morning.

“It was a big mess, they threw some pretty large rocks through the center of the window,” owner Ryan Merritt explained.

Merritt said his kitchen manager called him Friday morning to inform him of the incident.

“She said ‘You need to get up here. We had another incident,’” he recalled. “Of course, my mind just goes to the first time we were robbed.”

It is easy to understand his frustration after learning Merritt explained his restaurant has been burglarized four times over the last year and a half.

During the first three incidents, he stated that thieves cleaned out kitchen machinery, furniture, and air conditioning units.

“You kind of lose faith in humanity in a lot of ways,” Merritt said.

This time, however, police found nothing was missing. Merritt said it appears the vandal threw rocks threw the window randomly.

“It stinks that I have another issue that I have to drop another $500 to $1000 on,” he lamented. “Every couple weeks, it’s a surprise.”

Police say they are working to figure out who is responsible for the break-ins. If caught, they could face a commercial burglary charge, as well as criminal mischief.

The small business owner noted it has been difficult operating a restaurant during the pandemic, but these unnecessary hits make it nearly impossible. He now has a simple request of the vandals.

“If they are watching– just stop. Stop tearing other people’s stuff up.”

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