SALINE COUNTY, Ark. – Details emerge in a three-person Saline County stabbing, coming from those who witnessed the attack and stepped in to help.

A witness who spoke anonymously over the phone described the moments he pulled into the Valero “Big Red” gas station off Highway 70 between Hot Springs and Benton Wednesday evening. As the last stop of his night, he wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary.

“[As I pulled in], I noticed a lady that was taking out the trash,” the witness explained, watching as a second woman approached the dumpsters.

He said he hadn’t even gotten out of his car to fill up the tank when everything changed.

“I saw the lady clutched over, holding her chest,” he said. “I thought that someone… I thought that she had been shot.”

In the seconds it took to register, the female suspect had already taken off in what the unnamed witness described as a blue SUV. As confusion made way to action, he followed her onto the highway, keeping his distance but just close enough to make sure he knew where she was going.

“The first thing I thought was, that person is literally leaving,” he said as he gave chase. While he drove, the pieces started to come together. “I look up the number to the Valero, they said that someone had been stabbed.”

The witness had no idea the woman he followed is accused of stabbing three people total: one more at the Valero in the arm, and a third at a construction site 6 miles away, near where the witness eventually lost sight of the car. He gave deputies a final direction to head, then returned to the gas station to wait for law enforcement.

ASP troopers were able to corner the suspect off Highway 70 and use a PIT maneuver that caused her car to spin out, 19 miles away from where it all started. The suspect and all three victims were sent to area hospitals in unknown conditions.

A day later, the witness says it’s still sinking in. “I can’t believe that I was even remotely involved in this,” he said, saying he was never fearful, only determined. “It was more of just like a hey, let’s follow this person and make sure they don’t get away.”