JACKSONVILLE, Ark — Following Tuesday’s shooting on Highway 161, Jacksonville Police say it was no random act of violence. The shooting happened near a cemetery and left two people injured, although they’re said to be stable. Witnesses who were affected by the shooting say they want justice to be served. 

As of right now, police say no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting that occurred at 4 p.m. Police first got a call of a possible shooting in front of a Dollar General nearby Arkansas Memorial Gardens on Highway 161. Moments later, police say they got a call of the same incident happening at the cemetery. 

Savannah Jenkins was attending her childhood friend’s funeral when they heard a round of shots ring out.  

 “I was in front of my husband and my husband was behind me and it flew past my head,” said Jenkins. 

Jenkins adds her husband pushed her to the ground to protect her, however, when she looked up she saw blood coming from the back of his neck. She then realized he had been hit by gunfire. 

“He was like I’ve been hit, don’t freak out and that’s when everyone went into a mad panic because there was still things flying by our heads,” said Jenkins. 

Her friend Spencer Hopkins was also there for the funeral, he says when the shooting started he remembers yelling for everyone to get down than hearing Jenkin’s husband’s voice.  

“I just remember my friend going ‘my neck, my neck.” Hopkins goes on to say, “we all took turns applying pressure until the ambulance got there.”

Jenkins says when the police and ambulance arrived they took her husband to the hospital but she had to remain at the scene to wait to give her statement to the police. 

“All I could do was sit and look at the graves and stuff and say is my husband next,” said Jenkins. 

To her relief, Jenkins says once she was able to go to the hospital and see her husband, she knew he would live. She adds they are now at their home where he is in a bit of pain but she is there to take care of him. 

“He is resting and he is comfortable now,” said Jenkins. 

Hopkins says because the shooting happened at their friend’s funeral where they were trying to say their last goodbyes, it took away a moment he can never get back. 

“I was just trying to bury my friend and I couldn’t even do that,” said Hopkins. 

Throughout the interview, Jenkins wanted to keep her husband’s name anonymous out of fear for his safety. 

Both Hopkins and Jenkins say they are calling on improvements to be made when it comes to gun violence in the city. 

The Jacksonville Police says this is an active investigation and are urging the public to call if they have any information that may help. 

To call the Jacksonville Police Detectives Division, dial 501-982-0277, and after hours are 501-985-2802.