SHEREWOOD, Ark. – Sherewood Police escorted bicylists on Highway 107 on August, 1 in honor of a man who was killed while riding his bike.

Those cyclists were led by a “Ghost Bike”, in honor of John Mundell.

Mundell was rididng his bicycle on the same stretch of road when he was hit by a car on July 18.

Officers are still searching for that vehicle.

People are taking part in the “Ride of Silence” says this should send a powerful message to everyone.

Stacy Tierney, who is apart of the Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas says, “Be the reminder of people on bikes who have been killed. It’s a reminder that people are on the road and not in a vehicle and to share the road.”

The ghost bike was placed at the crash site.

If you have any information on the hit and run case, you are asked to call Sherwood Police.

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